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Sunshine State Cabinets provide quality cabinet making and joinery services throughout South East Queensland. Whether it’s a set of kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets , laundry renovation, a new study, or new cellar to house your wine, Sunshine State Cabinets are the Brisbane cabinet makers ready to take on any project big or small.

Sunshine State Cabinets are also members of the Master Builders Association, which will give you the peace of mind in knowing that you are dealing with a reputable and qualified South East Queensland cabinet maker.

We will custom build to suit any requirement. We have a quality team of contractors that we have been using for years. Our trusted and experienced team will work with you all the way, producing a quality job that will exceed your expectations.

*Free Design & Quotes for all custom Brisbane & Gold Coast Cabinet Installations

Sunshine State Cabinets offers a unique and valuable design service. We will design your project in our state of the art software package, showing you an exact, to scale look at how your custom made cabinetry project will look.

We service the South East Queensland market including Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. Should you have a project in mind, we will provide you with a free, no obligation on site quotation. One of our experts will discuss all aspects of your project, while providing valuable advice and ideas on how to make your idea a true success.

Sunshine State Cabinets provide affordable rates, and we won’t cut any corners when it comes to quality. If you are looking for a Brisbane cabinet maker to bring your dream concept to life, don’t look any further than Sunshine State Cabinets.

* Sunshine State Cabinets free design service is only available to customers that are using Sunshine State to build and install their project. If this is not the case, Sunshine State Cabinets may charge for their design services.


Brisbane Kitchen Cabinets | Gold Coast Kitchen Cabinets ( Gallery )

If you thinking about a kitchen makeover, get cooking with Sunshine State Cabinets!

Home is where the heart is. If you want to improve the look, style, and functionof your kitchen, but think the project is too complicated or expensive, a Sunshine State Cabinets Kitchen Cabinets as a part of your kitchen Renovation is for you.

Affordable and reliable Kitchen cabinets– Now that’s some food for thought!

From a simple redo through to a complete remodel, you won’t find a more compelling company to deal with. No matter what style you have in mind, Sunshine State Cabinets are Brisbane kitchen renovators with experience and expertise.

Our kitchen cupboards and kitchen cabinets are built with the highest level of quality possible. We would love to help you with your next kitchen renovation. Contact us today.


Brisbane Bathroom Cabinets | Gold Coast Bathroom Cabinets ( Gallery )

Sunshine State Cabinets can design you quality bathroom cabinets as a part of your bathroom renovation that will suit your family, lifestyle, and will add value to your home. We will also provide an overall look that will exceed any expectations that you may have.

We provide consistent quality, and we can bring your dream bathroom ideas to life through our experience and expertise. Whether you require new kitchen cabinets and cupboards, through to a full bathroom renovation, Sunshine State Cabinets can manage your project.

We provide a free no obligation on site quote at a time that is convenient to you and your family.


Brisbane Laundry Cabinets | Gold Coast Laundry Cabinets

Renovating your Laundry is very similar to renovating your bathroom. It is worth spending the timeto effectively plan your laundry renovation.

Contact Sunshine State Cabinets today to discuss your Laundry cabinets solutions.


Brisbane Library and Study Cabinets | Gold Coast Study Cabinets ( Gallery )

You’ve decided to revisit one of your favourite novels. You know you have it! It could be in the closet, in the garage, or even worse, it could be in a box, packed under a pile of other boxes you never use.

Maybe it’s time to drag out all your old favourites, and have them housed for your entire family to enjoy. Your favourite books usually become ruined because they are left to collect dust, and are usually stored in a way that affects the covers.

Sunshine State Cabinets can provide a beautiful library to cater for all your books. Libraries are always in fashion. You just can’t beat a good read on a lazy Sunday, and having your paperback collection at arms reach, and in order, means you will never lose your favourite book again.

Sunshine State Cabinets can also build a study, inclusive of a library. A study provides a great environment, should you have students at home. You also may be in a position where you can work from home. A study allows you to bring all the elements of an office into your household.

Create the perfect work desk and library shelving to suit your space, personality, and look and feel of the room.


Brisbane Wine Cellars | Gold Coast Wine Cellars

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced wine collector, adding a wine storage facility to your home is a great way to mange your collection. Sunshine State Cabinets can build you a cellar to suit your home, personality, and can be based around your collection capacity for future wine purchases.

Wine cellars can be built to any capacity, small or large. We can build under stair cases, right through to room sized storage with air conditioning. Whether you want to store individual bottles, or half a dozen in the one storage area, Sunshine State Cabinets will build a quality wine cellar that will exceed any expectations you have.

A wine cellar is a perfect attribute to any home. And if you enjoy entertaining, you will always have the perfect bottle of wine on hand, no matter what the occasion. For quality custom made wine cellars in South East Queensland, contact us today.

Brisbane Commercial Cabinets | Gold Coast Commercial Cabinets ( Gallery )

Sunshine State Cabinets has the knowledge and expertise to provide solutions for all retail, commercial, and industrial projects throughout South East Queensland. We provide quality trades people that understand what is required in providing the most successful outcomes for a diverse range of commercial clients.

We work with builders in assisting their clients to achieve the best cabinet making and joinery solutions for their commercial premises. Contact us today for more information.


Co-ordination of Trades & Services

Sunshine State Cabinets can work on any associated project, managing the budget, resources, contractors, and timeline of your project. Our industry experience has allowed us to build connections with quality trades people that we know, trust, and use regularly.

Have the peace of mind in knowing that your entire renovation project will be project managed by one company. This eliminates a huge amount of time on your part, and in the end, you will receive one bill only, without being inundated from separate contractors with separate bills.


Renovation Pitfalls

There are many pitfalls when renovating. Here are a few to watch out for -